Junction Adhesion Molecule C (JAM-C) has been studied at the laboratories of Prof. Beat Imhof and Prof. Thomas Matthes at the Université de Genève for over 10+ years (36 peer reviewed publications). There is in addition 60+ publications from other laboratories. JAM-C is expressed by certain lymphocytes and prominently localises to tight junctions of endotelial cells. In many lymphoma cells, JAM-C is expressed. Therefore blocking JAM-C is a sound scientific hyphotesis in order to treat lymphoma patients. Abologix has produced a recombinant anti-JAM-C monoclonal antibody (rH225) that has shown efficacy in an animal model of Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL). Humanisation is in progress.



Olfactomedin-like protein 3 (Olfml3) creates an angiogenic environment in tumours and is associated with vascular growth factors BMP-4 and PDGF. Olfml3 is overexpressed in some cancers. Blocking Olfml3 with highly specific monoclonal antibodies is therefore a logical scientific approach in order to develop new generation inhibitors of angiogenesis. Abologix has produced several recombinant anti-Olfml3 monoclonal antibodies. They have shown efficay in animal models of breast and colon cancer. Candidate selection for further humanisation in in progress.




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